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MT washi tape – Alain Grée

These tapes honour Alain Grée, the world-famous author and illustrator of children’s books, with a colourful carnival of animals and planes, trains and automobiles. 

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  • width: 20 mm
  • length: 10 m
  • ecofacts: Masking tape made from rice paper is a sustainable and biodegradeable alternative to sticky tape.
  • good to know: MT stands for ‘masking tape’, the ordinary material used for house painting, and also for the Japanese company of the same name, in whose hands masking tape has become anything but ordinary...

MT washi tape – Alain Grée

  • Japanese rice-paper masking tape brings colour to whatever it touches – you can use it to wrap gifts, label jars or decorate your house...
  • If you fancy a change, just peel it off again and it will come off in one piece without leaving a trace. This makes them ideal for sticking up posters, or sticking photos into photo albums
  • you can even write on washi tape – so you can use them for labels on food jars
  • washi tape can enliven jotter covers or letters to a friend
  • no need for scissors – washi tape tears easily!