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Nikola Logosova Postcard - Chinatown

Nikola Logosova’s postcards embrace the sweetness of summer, the dark days of winter and the world of fantasy.

In stock, 04/03 for pickup, Delivery on 04/04.


  • size: square 14 x 14 cm
  • ecofacts: Paper comes from sustainable forestry.
  • good to know: We asked three illustrators to design a series of postcards, and they have each wrestled with the task in their own inimitable way, providing us with this limited edition for all occasions.

Nikola Logosova Postcard - Chinatown

  • Nikola Logosová
  • An energetic illustrator who has managed to combine studies at Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design with a whole range of her own projects, creating artists’ books (with Czech children’s publisher Běžíliška), posters (Meet Factory) and brochures (Czech Philharmonic).
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