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Paper Larder

Did you know that up to a third of all the food prepared around the world ends up being wasted? A guide to waste-free cooking, created in collaboration with local charity Zachraň jídlo (“Save Food”), will teach you how to prevent wasting food and how to use up every last scrap.

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  • size: A5
  • pages: 70 
  • elasticated band: red
  • content: The Paper Larder contains a wealth of recipes and practical tips on how to better manage food, divided into four seasonal sections. There is plenty of space to add your own notes and goals too, which you can organise in a yearly planner. Illustrations by Jakub Bachorík accompany the texts.
  • collaboration: The guide was created in collaboration with local charity Zachraň jídlo (“Save Food”). Their aim is to prevent food waste, both by campaigning for legislative changes as well as changing consumer habits of the population at large.
  • cover: The cover is made from hard-wearing vegan leather (made from cellulose) and will withstand years of everyday usage.
  • variable system: The Paper Larder has been made to be customised. The ring binder makes it easy to add your own recipes and kitchen hacks. You can even add a Papelote notepad, whether it be a lined, dotted or plain paper one. The Larder can be further enhanced by adding a paper pocket to store cutouts and a yearly planner, where you can write down notes on when your favourite produce is in season or when to start casting around for pumpkin recipes.
  • options: Take your pick from various options, there is a special offer price with the recipe notepad included or even the bundle with the paper pocket and stickers included too.