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Koh-i-noor ‘versatilka’ mechanical pencil

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  • Produced in Czech Republic

This elegant, pocket-sized version of the timeless classic will make a stylish companion to your current notebook. And your next one. And the one after that...

In stock, Delivery on 10/28, In two days for pickup.


  • good to know: Did you know that the international standard for indicating hardness of pencils has its origins in the Czech pencil company KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH? ‘H’ stands for ‘Hardtmuth’ (the name of the family who founded the company) while the ‘B’ represents ‘Budějovice’, the South Bohemian city where the company is based.
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Koh-i-noor ‘versatilka’ mechanical pencil

  • Koh-i-noor has been making the ‘versatilka’ mechanical pencil since 1946, making it a time-honoured classic
  • 2mm refills are available in various hardnesses, for writing and drawing
  • integrated sharpener is always to hand