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Set for her

Set assembled for the pleasure of all paper lovers

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A gift for your partner, friend, mum or colleague? We thought of all these women when choosing products. They're tender, creative, bursting with colour, and just about anything won't ruin them.

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  • set contains:
  • set gift: Natural linen fabric cover - can be washed at any time and used as a tablet case, book case or travel case.
  • use of the block: A versatile notebook can be anything from a sketchbook to a book.
  • features: The notebook's sturdy cover serves as a writing pad, and the elastic band can hold up to 5 pencils.
  • ecology: Scrape the pencil shavings straight into the compost, the trimmings are easy to decompose!
  • interesting fact: Tombow marker refill is water-based and does not bleed through to the other side of the paper.
  • pen for right- and left-handed users: The gel refill dries quickly and does not smudge, making it a great choice even for left-handed users!

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- Set assembled for the pleasure of all paper lovers

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